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Freedom Matters Podcast: An Initiative for Common Sense in Washington

The day after Christmas in 2015, five members of the Washington State Human Rights Commission passed a new rule opening sex-specific locker rooms, showers, and changing areas to members of the opposite sex. Right now, a biological man may enter any girl’s public locker room in the entire state and declare his right to be there. Even worse, if a girl or her parents complain, they are told to leave the locker room and may be subject to penalties.

Kaeley Triller Haver is Communications Director for Just Want Privacy, a grassroots group hoping to put an initiative on the ballot to require schools to maintain separate facilities for boys and girls and allow businesses to manage private areas in the way they feel is best for them. Kaeley joins the show to talk about the initiative and her work to protect the privacy of families in Washington. 

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Bob Trent

Media Relations Director

Prior to joining ADF as Media Relations Director, Bob was an anchor and reporter for ABC affiliate radio station KTAR in Phoenix, AZ.

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