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The Actual Fake Clinics

In the wake of NIFLA v. Becerra, the pro-abortion movement has been busy casting pregnancy centers—of all things—as the villain. The folks at Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Lady Parts Justice League have all agreed that these centers, which offer ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling, and baby supplies free of charge, shall be dubbed “fake.” 

Despite receiving such scorn, the centers, undaunted, faithfully continue their labor of love to women in need. An amicus brief filed at the Supreme Court tells the stories of 13 women who have benefited from the care of pregnancy centers, including Lindsey Samelson.

The brief notes that “Lindsey was excited at the pregnancy, but also scared. How was she going to tell her parents? Before she did so, Lindsey wanted to confirm her pregnancy in a medical setting. Unsure about whether her health insurance would cover the cost of an early stage ultrasound, Lindsey googled ‘free ultrasounds.’ The search turned up a pregnancy resource center in town.”

Pregnant women need someone to walk with them, which is what Lindsey found when she received her free ultrasound, along with prenatal vitamins and education about pregnancy.

According to Lindsey, “The centers are trying to create a space that is joyful for what is a crisis for so many people. It did not feel sterile. The people there were happy to see my baby. They did not treat me like I was a burden. They truly and deeply cared that we were there.”

Yet there’s a movement of professionals with a network of facilities that falsely claim to provide help to women. They’re not the pro-life pregnancy centers. They’re the abortion centers.

It’s ironic that the shoe is on the wrong foot—the abortion industry owns and operates the actual fakers. No matter how many white lab coats you see and how many letters the abortionist has after his name, the surgical procedures that are going on bind no wound and cure no disease.

It is clear that every elective abortion destroys the life of each baby, half of whom are female, and it brings no physical healing to the woman. (This is not to mention the relevant risks to the mother; see a 2011 analysis of research detailing the strong link between abortion and mental health problems.) It is a fundamental category error to suggest abortion helps women, because that supposes that there is something inherently problematic about being pregnant.

By treating pregnancy like a disease, we suggest that women should be less fertile. They should, perhaps, lead lives and make decisions as if they were men, who don’t have babies.

That is a profoundly anti-woman sentiment.

During pregnancy, the most pro-woman thing we can do is celebrate and love every woman as she brings a new baby into the world. This is the legacy of the pro-life pregnancy centers, who deserve the right to continue to operate their centers in accordance with their convictions.

As Nicole Howard, one of the 13 woman who signed the amicus brief, notes, “Everyone knows where to get an abortion. Not everyone knows where to get help with being a mother.”

Jared Dobbs

Communication Integrity Specialist

Jared Dobbs is the Communication Integrity Specialist at Alliance Defending Freedom.

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