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13 Women Share How Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Helped Them Personally

Women know where they can go to get an abortion, but they don’t always know where they can go to get help and support if they want to have their baby.

That’s where pro-life pregnancy centers come in. Pro-life pregnancy centers exist to provide women with the help and hope they need to give their baby life, whether that be material, emotional, or spiritual support – all free of charge.

Unfortunately, these centers are under attack in California. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) went before the U.S. Supreme Court in March to defend pro-life pregnancy centers in California against a state law that forces them to advertise for the abortion industry in violation of their beliefs.

If the government can force these pregnancy centers to speak a message they don’t believe in, that threatens free speech for us all. It also threatens to shut down these centers, which offer valuable services to the women in their communities. These 13 women from across the country filed an amicus brief at the U.S. Supreme Court to share how they have personally benefited from local pro-life pregnancy centers.

  • Angela had already gotten one abortion when she found out she was pregnant again. This time, she decided to keep the baby. A local pregnancy center helped her prepare for motherhood, get the resources she needed, and battle drug addiction.
  • Brenda and her husband met Krystal through a mutual friend. Krystal was facing an unplanned pregnancy and had talked to a local pregnancy center about the option of adoption. After meeting Brenda and her husband, she asked them to adopt her baby. The pregnancy center walked with Brenda and Krystal throughout the pregnancy and adoption process.
  • Brooke was referred to a local pregnancy center when she found out she was pregnant. The center provided everything she needed to become a mom and gave her husband resources to prepare for fatherhood.
  • Cristina didn’t have enough money for a pregnancy test, so she went to a nearby pregnancy center where she could get a test for free. She was not pregnant, but years later when she was pregnant she returned to the same pregnancy center for their support.
  • Ebony was considering an abortion, but her appointment at the abortion clinic left her feeling pressured and unsure. So she sought out more information at a local pregnancy center. Pregnancy center staff talked through her options with her and answered her questions. Ebony ultimately decided to give her baby life.
  • Judith was married with one child and pregnant with another when her husband told her he wanted a divorce. Feeling she couldn’t make it as a single parent with two children, she got an abortion. Many years later, she received post-abortion counseling at the pregnancy center she worked at, helping her cope with and heal from her past abortion.
  • Laura was given an ultimatum when she told her boyfriend she was pregnant: It was him or the baby. She initially agreed to get an abortion but changed her mind. She went instead to a local pregnancy center. With the center’s help, she was able to get the assistance she needed to give her baby life, even without the support of the baby’s father.
  • Lindsey wanted to confirm she was pregnant in a medical setting. A google search for “free ultrasounds” gave her the name of a local pregnancy center. The baby’s father came with her to the appointment, where he was welcomed by the staff. They eventually got married and are expecting their third child.
  • Melissa walked into a local pregnancy center to confirm a suspected pregnancy. The pregnancy center staff helped her get the financial aid she needed. When she had the baby prematurely, the center jumped into action to meet her material needs.
  • Nicole and her husband had four teenage children when they found out she was pregnant with a fifth. It was unexpected, and she was uninsured. They were worried about the costs. A local pregnancy center helped make sure she had everything she needed both financially and materially.
  • Shalane and her husband found out their baby had Trisomy 13 at a doctor’s appointment, where the doctor urged them to get an abortion. They contacted a local pregnancy center where they received counseling and support for their decision to bring their baby to term. The center even connected them with another couple who had a similar experience.
  • Shanelle was pressured by her boyfriend to go to Planned Parenthood where they gave her an abortion pill. Regretting this, she was able to find a doctor to reverse the effects of the pill, and he pointed her in the direction of a pregnancy center for an ultrasound. They talked and prayed with her, and then they rejoiced together when they heard her daughter’s heartbeat.
  • Stephanie was young and in an abusive relationship when she had an abortion. Later in life, she received post-abortion counseling and healing at a local pregnancy center. She now hopes to help other women who have suffered from a past abortion by sharing her story.

These women’s stories could have turned out very differently without the help and support that came from their local pro-life pregnancy centers. That’s why ADF is working to ensure these pregnancy centers have the freedom to continue operate consistently with their faith, serving the women that walk through their doors with compassion and truth.

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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