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2 Reasons Christian Students Should Attend Areté Academy – No Matter Their Career Path

By: Logan Herring
Elon University class of 2018 (Bachelor of Science in Accounting)
Appalachian State University ‘19 (Master of Science in Accounting)

As an accounting student, I wasn’t sure if I was a great fit for the Areté Academy program.

The weeklong program put on by Alliance Defending Freedom combines biblical worldview training with specialized professional development and is geared toward college students and recent graduates who are interested in future careers in law, government, business, and public policy.

But, I am happy to report that as a graduate accounting student, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Areté, and I recognize that I did not need a career in the law to have a learning and fulfilling experience. And I’m not the only one – Areté alumni have gone on to pursue careers not only in law, but also in business, medicine, government, foreign affairs, academia, politics, economics, national security, intelligence and, as it so happens, accounting.

For students interested in the program, I would recommend applying to Areté Academy for two primary reasons: spiritual growth and professional development. Areté Academy deepened my relationship with the Lord and allowed me to develop friendships with the accomplished professionals that were present.

Spiritual Growth

Each day began with an intentional focus on God, which demonstrates the organization’s priority. I continually remind myself to begin my days with the same intentionality that was practiced there. We received helpful spiritual instruction on the knowledge of God and how He works in our day-to-day lives. The faculty continually motivated us to integrate our spiritual lives into our workplace because, as we so often forget, we are one person with both spiritual and professional qualities. Because of this teaching, I no longer feel that it is “politically incorrect” to discuss all aspects of myself, including my spiritual life, in the classroom or in the workforce.

Professional Development

While at Areté, you have the opportunity to network and make connections with many talented and intellectual individuals. Just by communicating with my fellow attendees, I feel better prepared for interviews and future networking events that I will encounter throughout my career. Areté prepares you for your professional career not only by providing you with this hands-on experience but also by allowing you to learn from others. You will hear many reputable speakers that will further your knowledge in theology, current political issues, and overall professionalism.

Speaking from personal experience, I would highly recommend a growing professional who desires a fulfilling and educational experience to apply for this academy.

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